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Watch the nice wrap up of last season's MINI KTE http://t.co/nMDpcCvw0x looking forward to rock the podium again in 2013!
Watch out today's article in 'DIE WELT' http://t.co/znlRiEsL Nice report about myself just before 'Snowkite World Championships'
Cross the fingers folks - I am ready to rumble the coast line of Melbourne! Stay tuned on http://t.co/OrSY8OtT @Kiteworldcup @KitesurfNEWS
KTE Castelldefels | Finally very happy about 3rd place in the all over ranking http://t.co/ZDSNBvQ4 @KitesurfNEWS @KiteBoardingNow
IKA Kiteboarding Course Racing WCC 2012 @Cagliari ... get the video highlights here: http://t.co/9nqwznHv @KitesurfNEWS @KiteboardingMag
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